Saturday, December 4, 2010


I must admit, one of the biggest considerations I had for spending an extended period of time here, was to be here around Christmas time. There is no time better, in my opinion, to visit NYC than now. The department store windows, the street decorations, Rockefeller Center - it is all amazing. And now I have one more point to add to the list - the SALES. Holy Smoke. Yes, this is trouble.

I bought tickets to the NYC ballet to see the Nutcracker (they were not cheap - this had better be good!) and decided it was a good excuse to buy something great to wear. I'm not sure what excuse I used to buy all the stuff I have bought previously, but this is Beautiful Stuff, not just your Everyday Stuff. I used the local Rotary's Christmas party and toy drive (next week) as an excuse to buy a dress at Anthropologie plus I thought I could wear it to Erica and Greg's weddings as well. It was hard to stay away from black, especially in this city. This needed to be Better. Except when I was shopping I asked the salesgirl and she said her mom dressed up for it and complained that there were people there in jeans! Hmmmm, I COULD wear the Anthropologie dress.

Nah. So I bought these TWO, yes, TWO (they were 25% OFF!) funky, crazy, black dresses - well, one is too short for a dress - at Bloomingdales and I spent a sleepless night tossing and turning wondering what the heck I was doing and when I get them home - what was I going to do with them then? I would stick out like Gulliver in Pasco wearing these absolutely cool outfits. I guess I will just have to come back so I can wear them more...

Oh, this Post was supposed to be about the Christmas lights - so here are some photos (I don't think the videos work but they are the coolest!).

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