Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I missed one class due to being in Omaha for Thanksgiving then I chose not to go to the next class as I was exhausted so here are the final photos from the final sculpture class held just last Monday, the 6th.

The model chose to shave her head and had the world tattoed on her skull. I struggled and the teacher mentioned I wasn't as confident and quick as I had gotten to be having missed the last 2 classes. The class size had dwindled to just 3 of us so I had a chance to chat with him a bit. I told him I was concerned in seeing my regression in just 2 weeks - what was going to happen to me when I went home? He told me to buy a box of clay and get a friend to sit for me for 3 hours while I sculpt away. (I don't think Laynie would sit still for a minute and maybe I could ask Flynn to just read - I've done that before. Maybe I could do Krista sleeping sitting up!) He told me I was a sculptor, but I'm a painter, and that I should be sure and keep doing this. I think he was trying to rout pupils for next semester's classes but it was a kind gesture. I have always liked sculpture but I got bored in this class and needed more interaction and more feed back and more encouragement than I got. I walked into my drawing class dreading drawing but now I absolutely love it and am thankful for the teacher to stir that up in me.

I will look into a sculpture class at home at CBC - surely they have something. I think working in 3-D is good practice for getting the volume in 2-D but then, there are other ways to push that (again - think of the instruction I got in the first weeks of the drawing class - which, I came to find out - the teacher was a sculptor - no wonder - !) -

I am homesick and want to go home. But when I think of leaving this place I want to stay. Next time - next Fall for 3 months - I need to find an apartment that has room enough for me to paint in. If I spent more time painting I would progress faster and it would keep me from spending money in these stores. I need to remember that when it comes to spending an additional $1,000 a month on rent - I could save that easily on the shopping...

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