Saturday, December 4, 2010


Ah - we finally got the model back from the last 2 weeks and will have 1 more class to go before we are done. Then no more class at all. Hmmmm.

Since I didn't have my camera last time, here is what the painting looked like at the beginning of class:
I continue to work and work on every inch of this canvas - this time I started on the far right side in the middle and made my way through the middle ALMOST to the other side. Four hours, and this is all I can do! The key is to just paint what you see - get the color right, get the tone right and of course, put it in the right place. I am very happy with it and know I will not finish next week but I have learned a LOT!

And this is what the painting looked like at the end of class:
I took the subway to class a bit early, but not much (I've been having a hard time sleeping, my mind is going a million miles an hour on getting ready to come home as well as this crazy SIMS house) as I woke up at 10. I worked out (YEA! but mostly because I bought 2 sleeveless dresses - and one sweater to wear over them) wrote something on this blog, took a shower and headed out into the 35 degree winter. It's not bad if you're walking for a long time - you warm up eventually and don't even notice it - but the 3 blocks to the subway is brutal. I stopped at Eva's across the street from the school and got a Lentil soup and large bottle of water to go and got to class just half an hour early. I took the drawing pictures and got all set up, just in time to start painting the minute the model sat down. I forgot all about the soup for the first couple hours and was glad I had it by the time 'long break' came around 4. I love this class. I love this teacher. I will miss this.

I stopped at the hot cookie place and the pizza place while walking to the subway and had cheese pizza and a peanut butter cookie for dinner while I rode the subway home. I am a pro and I eat very well. I hope I sleep better tonight...

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