Friday, December 10, 2010


This was it. The last one. Darnit, darnit.

I do believe I can keep doing this however. The format was simple - quick 1-2 minutes poses to warm up, look at some famous drawings to warm up your brain then use some different types of media to get the line and shadow you want. This class too, lacked the critique I would have enjoyed. I was always suspicious of the instructor who never had a bad thing to say however, I see where this guy is coming from and think it is a great strategy. There really is no judge, there is no right way - he showed us books on everything from doodles to masterful, accurate drawings. Drawing something and showing it to anyone else really is an exercise in humility and I've often compared it to standing naked in front of them. You know? There may be some perfect bodies out there, but only for a bit and then it goes away but more importantly, there are really not that many perfect bodies out there and there are a whole lot more imperfect bodies that are perfectly lovely to look at. It is the emotion of the drawing that holds you not the accuracy of the line.

I have several but I will end with what I feel is the best one I did all semester and this is the very last drawing I did - taking all of 8 minutes until the end of class and the model got up and walked away...

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