Thursday, December 9, 2010


I went to the Rotary thing last night and it was not fun. It was at a bar that was supposed to be so cool and I wore my dress, but I wore my black boots with it and no jewelry and in this town - that's a notch above dressing to go to the drug store - but everyone else had on their work clothes, which in this town, is black Banana Republic pants and a button down shirt. That didn't bother me so much but I really love this dress (it's really, really simple and not sparkly or anything) but there really was no reason to buy it after all! (Hmmmm, how many times will I be thinking THAT over the next 6 months?) There was no place to safely put your coat, so that heavy thing gets carried around and they give you a coupon for one drink, so I got a little sparkly wine, and stood around. I wandered into the back where they have a cool, cave-like room with no on in it, and hid for a while, then I went back out and watched the REALLY cool snowboard movie they projected up on the wall (but when I looked this place up on line, this is so funny, they said there's a snowboard movie going, which no one watches - except me, evidently) and then I admired the fact that it had these very cool drum like shaded fixtures hanging down, which I took a photo of, because that'd be a very understated elegant edginess in my SIMS house living room, then I chatted with a young man for a while who said this is just one of the 5 'events' he had going on this week, and then I talked with a woman I sat by at the last meeting who was great. She gave me her card, told me I was welcome to come stay at her house (which is about 50 minutes by train outside Manhattan) for 3 months next Fall and I set down my half empty glass and walked out into the cold. Then I stopped and got a cold mozzarella wrap and a red velvet cupcake, hopped on the subway and came home.

I'm glad I went to drop off the bag of toys I bought for their toy drive but I would much rather have stayed home...

I am thinking this may be part of the appeal of coming to NYC for 3 months. Am I so weird that I can do this and live all alone and be all alone for 3 months because DANG, I did not like chatting with strangers or hanging out at a bar. I am terrifically excited for Shawn to come and have someone to talk to and show all my favorite things I've found but I am more excited to get home to Christmas and all my family being there. THAT kind of socializing I can handle! Oh, and the animal kind. I wonder if those dogs have gone wild in my absence?

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